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Out of M2tm...yet still march on!

As the night went on, we put on a massive performance that was one of our best. This was recognised by one of the associates of the London Metal Coalition team, the bands that appeared with us on the line up and we got talking to many people after the show about our music, our sound, our performance. It was exceptionally valuable feedback and that is one of the indicators of a good show.


Nymphic, who were the winners of this heat, put on a stunning show. They were heavy and they rocked. We enjoyed their set, and it is no surprise as to why they were declared winners of Heat One. Acid Hound, were just insanely heavy with their breakdowns, screaming angry vocals...very intense. Be sure to check out both bands, their music is available on all platforms.


Overall, it was a great night. We were a little disappointed not to have progressed to the next round, however, that is only the human emotion, as we want to win. We want to be seen to be growing successfully in every way possible. However, life is not perfect and therefore, we are always met with challenges that are there to be overcome. Therefore, we waste no time in marching forwards to our next show - 1st December at The Roffey Club, in Horsham.


Now, we focus on our next show on Friday, 1st December at The Roffey Club in Horsham, West Sussex. This is a special show to us because we played our first ever show in Horsham. It is so good to be back to where it all started. It is also our last show of the year. Therefore, we want this year to end with an almighty uproar, full of energy and passion. Get on it, join with us and let's get this party started!

Highlighting our track: 'Drive It Home'

Welcome Soldiers!

For a moment, let's talk about our track, 'Drive It Home'. This was one track that was written in the early days of Clay Soldiers, however, we are so glad that we left it for a couple of years to allow the track to grow and progress.


This track came as a result of listening to an awesome stoner rock band called 'Wet Cactus', 'Hippie Death Cult', Black Sabbath, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains. We were still very much hooked with the music which we grew up with and so we wanted to convey our influences in the best possible way by writing music that we like to rock out to.


Rocking riffs and euphoric choruses is how we wanted to direct our energy. We always intended to start the track slowly to capture the stoner elements and then bursting into a very thrash-styled verse, so that the choruses appear cinematic. With Stu and Leon's deathcore background, it was important to capture a slight influence of this in with the ending of the song, which always makes for a great ending to a live show!


We do get a lot of comments about the artwork. We wanted to continue to maintain the natural photo element, as used in our single Ghost. This was a natural photo taken at Studio D, whereby the rear fire exit door of the building was open and a vehicle had its headlights on. The light from the headlights were shining through the corridor down to the studio. Stu immediately took the photo and played with the filters.


Finally, the text of the song title was very important. We wanted to give it a very 90s vibe and by having the type of text that you would typically see on a lot of grunge and rock albums, would support the artwork massively. 

To date, 'Drive It Home' has received over 6,000 streams in over 70 countries worldwide...and counting.

Life After Death EP
'Life After Death' has surpassed 11,000 Spotify streams and it is available on all major streaming platforms.
Next Show:

Fri. 1st Dec. at:

The Roffey Club
Spooners Road

RH12 4DY - MAP

Nearest Train Stations:
(14 min walk)

Horsham (27 min walk)

Remember to plan your route home and avoid using unlicensed taxis. 


Our Next Show in Horsham flyer

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