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Our debut EP 'Life After Death'

About Us

Clay Soldiers Line-up
Clay Soldiers performing at New Music Fest 2023

Formed in London, 2020; we are a rock band, combining melodic guitars and heavy rocking grooves along with grunge and stoner-rock elements.

It is through dark chapters and the desperation of life's struggles that have shaped the balance of our music, with the aim of reaching out to others, in reflection of our own experiences and to help build communities through music.

Our most notable achievements to date are achieving the Pipebomb Radio NYC 'Artist of the Month' in April 2021, as well as reaching the top four of the 'Isaac Banks Top Ten Singles' on Banks Radio Australia with our debut single 'Ghost (Piano Edit)'. In addition, we ran a successful campaign and managed to sell out all available tickets for the EP Release show at the Fighting Cocks, Kingston on the 16th July, 2022.

Our debut EP 'Life After Death' has received over 11,000 streams in over 70 countries worldwide and it is available via all major streaming platforms as well as our Bandcamp page.

Furthermore, Team Clay Soldiers reached 6th place of the Radio Indie Alliance Top Ten and awarded 'Band Of The Day' by Maximum Volume Music magazine. We also reached the Quarter-finals of Metal To The Masses in London.

With the new acquisition of guitarist, James, the sound of Clay Soldiers continues to evolve and strengthen. James brings the classic blues, stoner-rock elements that was evident during the earlier Clay Soldiers period. 

Clay Soldiers are:

Leon: Vocals/guitar

James: Guitar

Stu: Bass

Pablo: Drums

The lads lining up for Clay Soldiers

What we have done

  • Reached over 15.5k Streams, worldwide on Spotify

  • Reached over 1000 followers on Facebook

  • Opened up for Dunes and Grammar Vedetta at Civil War XIV in London - 15th Jul. 2023

  • Performed at HMV Store, Crawley - 8th. Jul. 2023

  • Performed at The New Music Festival 2023, Reigate

  • Performed at The Heaven & Hell Festival 2023, Rotherham

  • Radio Indie Alliance Top 10 - 13th Feb. 2023 - Reached 6th place with our single, 'Drive It Home'

  • Metal 2 The Masses, London, at The Dev, Camden, London - 12th Feb. 2023 - Quarter-Finals

  • The Fighting Cocks, Kingston - 14th Jan. 2023 - Supported Call Of Sirens - Sold Out Show

  • Music Review of 'Life After Death' - 10th Dec. 2022 - Full EP Music review by Accidental Music Reviewer

  • Syrup Moose Records (CAN) Compilation I - Featuring 'Drive It Home'

  • The 'Tagged' Show, online at XRP Radio - 25th Oct. 2022 - Live Radio Interview

  • Guestival (USA), online Stream show - 22nd Oct. 2022 - Live performance

  • Reaper's Underground (USA) - 1st Oct. 2022 - Special Guests appearance

  • The Autumn Festival, London - 24th Sept. 2022

  • Music Review of 'Life After Death' - 12th Aug. 2022 - Full EP Music Review by Phantom Power Blog

  • Pipebomb Radio NYC (USA) - 20th Jul. 2022 - Interview appearance

  • EP Release Show at The Fighting Cocks, Kingston-Upon-Thames - 16th Jul. 2022 - Sold Out Show!

  • Interview with Anne Estella - 21st Jul. 2022

  • Our first ever track ' Ghost - Piano Edit' reached the top 4 of the Banks Radio (AUS) Top 10

  • Pipebomb Radio NYC (USA) - Artist of the Month (April 2021)


Over the past two and a half years, we are very thankful for the opportunities to collaborate with the following organisations whereby we have build a solid foundation and positive relationship to assist us in constructing our brand.

Promotion & Social Media Agency - LMS UK

CD Pressing and Duplication - CD Unity

Live Events Promotion, Camden - Camden Live

T-Shirt Pressing - One Colour To A Tee

T-Shirt Pressing - Merch Asylum

Guitar Picks - Picktown Custom

Badges - Lights Go Out Badges

Pipebomb Radio NYC

XRP Radio

Lislet Records

Syrup Moose Records

Rehearsal Space - Pirate Studios

Legendary Music Venue - The Fighting Cocks, Kingston

CMDN Live 

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